2 min readMar 19, 2022



HelixMeta is an NFT marketplace that cares about the safety of its community members. We understand the importance of security in the crypto space. Owing to the recent events about phishing attacks targeting NFT marketplaces, we have gone the extra mile to strengthen our defenses for the safety of our users.

To continue to serve our community better and protect the interest of our users, we have the following safety measures in place :

i. The HelixMeta’s technical architecture (contracts, database, API, front end, search) has been designed from the floor up for scalability, speed and security using the latest and greatest tech.

ii. The contract holding the NFTs is accessed through a multi sig-wallet


We value the privacy of our users. Hence, we only request blockchain wallet addresses, hash IDs, and token identifiers. We do not demand personal information. We advise our users to become weary of the information they share on the Ethereum blockchain through the activities performed on the front-end interface.


The following actions are prohibited:

i. Intellectual property breaches such as copyright, trademark, or patent infringement

ii. Dealing with Digital assets, NFT collections, or smart contracts associated with dangerous or fraudulent metadata including those that encourage self-harm, rouses xenophobic actions, portrays sexual abuse of minors, or finances terrorist organizations.

iii. Transacting in any restricted territories or with any sanctioned blockchain addresses.

Assumption of Risk

As much as we care about our users anf their safety, we are not custodians of NFT collections owned by our users. Our platform is decentralized; hence, users are responsible for the safety of their wallets and digital assets against phishing attacks. Each NFT is indexed automatically on the Ethereum blockchain as they are created. So, we are not responsible for any erroneous transactions performed by the users. Users are responsible for any risks related to transactions carried out on our platform. Trading assets on our platform are not investments. NFTs prices are unstable and controlled by the market.




HelixMeta is an NFT ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a community focus platform that actively rewards its users.