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HelixMeta is a relatively new NFT marketplace that’s fully decentralized. It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain, similarly to OpenSea. However, HelixMeta has many unique features that set it apart from its main competitor, OpenSea.

Whereas OpenSea has a 2.5% trading fee, HelixMeta undercuts this with a 2% trading fee. But it gets better instead of the fee going to HelixMeta, it’s distributed to those who stake HLM tokens on the platform. Also, those who sell NFTs using the platform are rewarded with HLM tokens.

How HelixMeta Works

All WETH fees accumulated from sales are combined at the end of every 6,500 ETH block period (approximately 24 hours) and distributed to HLM token stakers per block during the next 6,500 block span.

Users can claim their WETH rewards as often as they want, but have to pay gas fees on each withdrawal. If they forget to claim their WETH, or prefer to wait until gas fees are lower, their WETH will continue to accumulate as long as their HLM tokens remain staked.

As a community-first project, 50% of the revenue generated is distributed to stakers of HLM tokens. The team does not gain revenue directly from the project, and is rewarded only if the project does well.

The following are some of the features of HelixMeta platform:

Community-Focus NFT Marketplace

HelixMeta is a community-based platform which puts its users first by distributing rewards,a feature which OpenSea doesn’t offer.

Platform Rewards

HelixMeta’s team has developed a reward system to attract users to its platform from staking to trading. The platform’s users are rewarded with WETH and HLM tokens simultaneously, with staking rewards exceeding 220% APR.

Instant Payments

Royalty payments are paid instantly to creators once a sale is made, thus eliminating any delay in settlement.

Distribution of Trading Fees

50% of the platform fees will be distributed as rewards to HelixMeta token stakers.

Traders can claim their rewards easily at any time. The unclaimed reward will still be available on subsequent days. Also, we enable private sales without service charges. However, there is no reward for private sales.

Implementation of New Features

Since HelixMeta’s smart contracts are built on a modular system, new features can be implemented efficiently over time. The platform can do so without compromising security, thanks to standardized signatures which outline the execution plan in a transparent manner.

Some new features that HelixMeta plans to implement in the near future include:

Collection Offer: Users can make an offer that includes all NFTs in a selected collection.

Trait Offer: Users can buy any NFT with a specific trait in a collection.

Multi-Cancellation: Users can cancel multiple open orders in a single transaction. When multiple open orders are canceled separately, gas fees tend to be quite high, which is where HelixMeta’s multi-cancellation feature helps.

If you want to buy or sell NFTs,HelixMeta NFT Platform is your go to market. As long as there’s active interest in the NFT market, HelixMeta has great potential to grow. That said, we recommend that you assess your portfolio and determine the risks you’re willing to take before joining the platform.




HelixMeta is an NFT ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a community focus platform that actively rewards its users.