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What strategy does Helix Meta have in mind to take over NFT Marketplaces?

HelixMeta is a new Ethereum-based NFT marketplace that competes with OpenSea. It’s a community-focused marketplace where NFT buyers, artists, collectors, and merchants who are willing to put money down will share profits.

Because of the centralized nature of the OpenSea ecosystem, a few competing NFT platforms have emerged, one of which is HelixMeta.

HelixMeta is pushing to empower users’ usage by rewarding tokens $HLM using a community-based approach. Helix lowers its trading commission by 2%. OpenSea, on the other hand, has 2.5%.

The platform brings together artists, creators, and crypto enthusiasts to create and trade NFTs on a single platform. One billion HLM tokens have been minted on the Ethereum blockchain, which is a forerunner in a blockchain network with consistent, dependable, secure, and reliable performance.

Important Features of HelixMeta

1. Fees Sharing

At the end of every 6,500 ETH block interval (roughly 24 hours), all WETH fees accumulated from sales are consolidated and allocated to HLM token stakers per block for the next 6,500 block span.

Users can collect their WETH rewards as many times as they wish, but each withdrawal incurs a gas tax. If they fail to collect their WETH or decide to wait until gas prices fall, their WETH will continue to grow as long as their HLM tokens are staked.

As a community-first project, half of the cash generated is distributed to HLM token holders. The team does not directly profit from the project and is only rewarded if it succeeds.

2. Platform Rewards

The HelixMeta team has created an incentive system to entice users to use their platform for staking and trading. Users of the network are rewarded with WETH and HLM tokens concurrently, with staking payouts topping 220 percent APR.

3. Instant Payments

Once a transaction is made, royalties are paid to creators immediately, avoiding any delay in settlement.

4. Distribution of Trading Fees

Half of the platform fees will be given to HelixMeta token holders as rewards.

5. Token Allocation

The HelixMeta platform economy is powered by the HLM token. HLM can be used for governance, mining, and farming.

Total Fund Raise: $ 1.5 Million

Private Round: $ 1,200,000

Public Round: $ 300,000

From various perspectives, Helixmeta represents an alternative marketplace to Open Sea about which there is plenty to learn and use as a reference point, such as the new techniques with which Blockchain advances from any of its perspectives.

Important Links

Marketplace : https://www.helixmeta.org

Discord : https://discord.gg/tmnFUYjpWx

Github : https://github.com/HelixMeta

Telegram : https://t.me/helixmeta

Twitter : https://mobile.twitter.com/helix_meta




HelixMeta is an NFT ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a community focus platform that actively rewards its users.